biyy yoshiri :'(

biyy iloveyou..
i need you..
i don wanna lose you..
kenapa biyy demam?
beby sayangs biyy..
biyy sumpahh sayangs awak...
jangan lha demam biyy :'(
biyy takk kesian kat beby??
biyy tak sayangs beby kee? :'(
biyy..beby percayakan awak..

biyy when the 1st time we are meet..i know you are my sunshine..
when you kiss me..i know you are my husbend on the future ..
when you say you miss me..i know you don lie to me..
when you angry with me..i know you love me..
i don wanna lose other my ex-boyy..
they are not love me like you love me biyy. :'(
i swear to god that i loveyouveryfuckingdamnmuch..:'(
only god know how's strong love me on you :'(
i know people talk everything about me..
but..i have a power on my back..
i have my backup..
the power and the backup is you biyy..
only you understands me... :')